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Smart City Trust-Building: Bridging the Gap with DTPR

The DTPR taxonomy is an amazing tool to support an organization’s effort towards more accountability. It pushes cities to embrace a smarter, fairer approach to the possibilities offered by the digital world. By assisting Helpful Places in its mission and spreading the word, we are hoping that we can help the smart city to fulfill its promises.

CNIL releases its own privacy maturity self-assessment model

When I first found out about maturity models, I was skeptical to say the least. They seemed needlessly complex and likely to induce excessive bureaucracy. To me, privacy compliance was something you simply did or did not have. I weirdly had not registered that legal memos did not make privacy magically happen on their own and that compliance was the result of a collection of processes and know-hows — in other words, a management matter.

Why Join The Privacy Pro?

The Privacy Pro is adding another full time Privacy Consultant to support Privacy Compliance Services. I have been thinking a lot about who this person is and why they would want to join our small firm in a competitive market. I want to start the conversation by sharing what you can expect (and what will be expected of you in turn) if you take the leap and join The Privacy Pro.

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