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Celebrating our first year of Privacy Certification Training

Often my students ask if it is acceptable to take CIPM without taking CIPP/C. Unless an individual has prior privacy experience, I recommend taking CIPP/C before taking CIPM. I often say that CIPP/C provides a good introduction and overview of privacy but at the 10,000 foot level. The CIPM course brings privacy to a more practical 5,000 foot level.

The Privacy Pro talks Data Privacy Audits at USENIX PEPR Conference 2022

She emphasized the importance of clearly defined evidence, scope, and objectives of a process, system, or product for any audit to pass. In short, she summarized this into an important question that individuals or organizations should keep in mind when conducting audits, ‘Do we have evidence that this thing was doing what it said it would do?’

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The Privacy Pro is adding another full time Privacy Consultant to support Privacy Compliance Services. I have been thinking a lot about who this person is and why they would want to join our small firm in a competitive market. I want to start the conversation by sharing what you can expect (and what will be expected of you in turn) if you take the leap and join The Privacy Pro.

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