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Why Work With Us?

Our Privacy Consulting Approach

The Privacy Pro is known for our pragmatic approach. We aren’t going to try to scare you with the threat of fines or confuse you by trying to over-complicate things – we just get it done.

We are business savvy

Privacy is often described as a roadblock, and as such the business avoids engaging and important issues get missed. We help organizations shift that mindset so they can leverage data to achieve business goals without compromising on privacy, and vice versa.

The Privacy Pro helps privacy teams adopt what we call a “yes, and…” approach. With very few exceptions, privacy law does not explicitly prohibit activities. Almost everything can be done fairly and lawfully with some effort, and privacy teams should adopt an approach that is flexible and welcomes trade-offs. When someone comes up with an idea, the privacy team finds a way to say yes, to make it work within the law, company policy, and its commitments.

We bring the right people for the job

Our team includes seasoned privacy experts, technologists, and former privacy regulators and Chief Privacy Officers. Our experience spans the globe and covers most industries and sectors. Chances are, we have the expertise you need, but if we aren’t the best team for the job, we engage our wide network of specialists.

We avoid surprises

Our team stays on top of what is happening in the privacy world, and what is coming. We monitor the environment and provide you with concise, impact focused bulletins.

This goes for our relationship as well. We proactively communicate any problems, delays, changes to availability, budget overages, and anything that might impact our ability to meet your expectations.


“The Privacy Pro is a critical part of our Privacy Team. The team has helped us mature the privacy program amidst market volatility, regulatory uncertainty, and intense media scrutiny of the location data industry.”

Kara Selke, Chief Privacy Officer, StreetLight Data (acquired by Jacobs)

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Privacy Training

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