Employee Monitoring Service Package

The Privacy Pro has partnered with SpringLaw and nNovation LLP to develop a service package to help organizations comply with the new Ontario law requiring transparency around employee monitoring.


Ontario Bill 88 requires employers to:

  • Provide a written policy that outlines workplace monitoring, either on the organization’s intranet, or posted
  • Keep the policy up to date when changes are made
  • Define the purposes for which employees are monitored:
    • Ensure that employees understand whether it applies to general or specific monitoring
    • Inform employees if their devices are being monitored

This is not limited to devices provided or issued by the employer, or to work being done at home or remote locations. Includes many forms of monitoring:

  • GPS/geolocation
  • CCTV
  • Performance monitoring
  • Monitoring electronic communications (email, chat, web usage)

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Deadline for compliance is October 11, 2022


  • Organizations that have 25 or more employees as at January 1, 2022
  • Employees includes probationary employees, trainees, officers, employees on lay-off/leave
  • Count must include all Ontario locations, as well as temporary staff; part-time/ casual each count as ‘one’

How much?

Full support package starts at $20,000

  • Legal and consulting support from experts in employment law, privacy law, and operational privacy. 
  • Customized Employee Monitoring Policy template 
  • Interview accelerators (pre-interview questionnaire, list of commonly used software tools that have monitoring capabilities)
  • A summary report of findings, issues and recommendations

“DIY” package is $4700

  • One meeting with each specialist
  • Employee Monitoring Policy template
  • Interview accelerators (pre-interview questionnaire, list of commonly used software tools that have monitoring capabilities)

Where to start

Email info@theprivacypro.com to get started right away!

Meet the experts

Photo of Lauren Reid
The Privacy Pro Logo

Lauren Reid has been a passionate leader in the privacy space for 15 years, having worked in various industries across Canada, the US, the UK, and the Netherlands. She founded The Privacy Pro because she wanted to work on cool projects with cool people, and has been wildly successful in achieving that goal!

Photo of Lisa Stam
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Lisa Stam practices all aspects of employment, labour and human rights law, and has a particular interest in legal issues involving technology in the workplace and the various methods by which people continue to mess things up with technology.

Photo of Constantine Karbaliotis
nNovation LLP Logo

Constantine Karbaliotis is an expert in global privacy compliance and privacy management, with 17 years’ experience in privacy, on both domestic and international levels, combining his legal acumen with understanding of technology and operational challenges.

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