Frequently Asked Questions about Privacy Certification Training

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we frequently get asked about Privacy Certification Training.

What is CIPP/C privacy certification? 

The CIPP/C (Certified Information Privacy Professional/Canada) is a foundational privacy certification specifically designed for Canadian privacy professionals.  The CIPP/C covers the 10 privacy principles, Canadian private, public and health sector privacy laws with several case studies to help illustrate concepts covered in the course.  We recommend the CIPP/C to those with minimal exposure or experience in the privacy field. 

The CIPP/C certification course outline can be found at Upcoming Courses – The Privacy Pro.

What is CIPM privacy certification?

The Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) is designed for those privacy professionals that are privacy officers, aspire to be a privacy officer or work in a privacy office.  This certification covers essential components of a privacy management program such as developing and implementing a privacy program, creating a personal information inventory, developing a privacy policy, data subject rights, employee privacy training and preparing for a data breach.  

We recommend the CIPM course to those who have taken the CIPP/C course or have previous privacy experience.

The CIPM course outline can be found on Upcoming Courses – The Privacy Pro

Can I take CIPM if I do not have prior privacy experience? 

The short answer is yes but we recommend that those who take the CIPM either have taken the CIPP/C course or had some prior experience in privacy. The CIPP/C course covers privacy basics, fundamentals and Canadian privacy laws which are not covered in the CIPM course. 

What is included in your certification courses?

  • Over 12 hours of instruction
  • Digital textbook 
  • Exam voucher ($550 USD value)
  • One year of IAPP membership ($275 USD value)
  • Participant guide and sample exam questions
  • Access to class recordings

As an added benefit, we have a one-hour study session that takes place about six weeks after course completion that helps you assess your readiness for the exam.

What do I need to do to get ready for the exam after taking the course?

The IAPP recommends 30 hours of self-study after the course to prepare for the exam which should include studying the textbook.  Sample exam questions are also included as part of the course fee.

When should I take the exam? 

The exam voucher included with the course fee is valid for one year from the date of course start and may be taken either remotely or at an exam centre.  As soon as you are ready or within one year of course start. We strongly recommend taking the exam within three months of course completion. 

How do I register for one of your courses? 

Registration and course information is available at: Upcoming Courses – The Privacy Pro . Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail at with the course you are registering for, e-mail address and billing address. 

Is there any homework during the course?

No but you may find it beneficial to read the applicable textbook chapters after each class to reinforce your understanding of the concepts learned.

Do you offer any discounts? 

An early bird rate is available if you register by the early bird deadline listed on our Upcoming Courses webpage.

I already have an IAPP membership?  Can I still register for the course?

The course materials from the IAPP comes with a year of membership. If you are already a member, then you will get your membership extended by a year.

Are your classes online or in-person?

Our classes are currently online only.

Does The Privacy Pro offer private classes?

Yes – a private class would be contingent on a minimum of six participants and may be either custom-designed for your organization’s needs or one of our certification courses.  Please contact us at to discuss your needs.

I’m not sure if I want to take the exam.  Can I take your course without committing to the exam?

Yes, we have a training only option that does not include the exam or sample exam questions – please e-mail for pricing. By purchasing the exam as part of your course fee, you will save 35% off the cost of the exam than if you purchased the exam separately (available from the IAPP for $550 USD).

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