Privacy Quick-wins Program

The Quick-wins Program is designed to get you pointed in the right direction. This package is for you if:

  • You’re not sure where to start. You’re a new Privacy Officer tasked with building or overhauling the privacy program and you can benefit from expert advice to help you jump start your journey.
  • You need to do more with less. You need to know where to focus your limited resources when privacy is one of multiple high priority, critical initiatives.
  • You need to adapt. You’re in a new business, a new market, or a new jurisdiction due to expansion or acquisition and you need to figure out how that impacts your data and your privacy program.
  • You need to prepare. You’re dreaming up a new product or service and want to avoid privacy challenges down the road by putting guardrails in place.

The Quick-wins Program can be conducted virtually from wherever you are, or in-person in Toronto. We will ask you to provide some information in advance to help us prepare for the ‘deep-dive’ workshop. We will get an understanding of your company, products and services, and the current state of your privacy program. Next, we will spend 2-3 hours together diving deeper on your challenges and opportunities, helping you to identify blind spots and red flag issues.

You will receive a report with specific, practical, action-oriented recommendations and the option for a follow-up meeting to discuss and ask questions. The report will not contain a list of compliance requirements or generic advice about how to manage risk (we can point you to free resources for that!). Some examples of the type of advice we provide to clients includes:

  • You are spending a lot of money on tools to automate compliance processes like Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) when you only get less than 10 per year. It’s probably easier and more cost effective to simply respond manually and take a reactive approach.
  • You’re designing the product based on what works in the US market – that makes sense, as you’re a US company with US users. However, you said you plan to expand globally in the next five years. Don’t count on being able to ‘localize’ the product by changing the language. Instead, prepare to adapt to different cultural attitudes by building the tool to give users more control over their data.
  • Your privacy program is based on applying GDPR as the global standard. That probably made sense at the time you implemented it, but much of your data processing is on the basis of Legitimate Interest, so it might not be the best approach in light of new laws in the US and changes in Canada. We recommend revisiting your strategy and approach via a Privacy Roadmap engagement.

The Quick-wins workshop is available at a fixed fee of $6,750 CAD or $5,000 USD + applicable taxes, payable by EFT or credit card.

Let’s get started with a 15 minute consultation. You can book directly using the button below, if you can’t find availability that works for you, email us at info [at]

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